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Bally technology impresses Canadians and the world

There are many slot machines made by different companies but the machines in Bally’s Casino are the only ones made by the “Bally’s Technologies company”. “Bally’s technologies” was founded in 1986 as the “Advanced patent technology” company. The name was later changed to “Games of chance communication corporation”, when it was bought in 1996. In 2006 the name was finally changed into “Bally’s technologies company”.

However, the “Bally” brand has existed for many years since 1932, with a complex history of new organizations, mergers and dispossessions. “Bally” is rooted in the early Pinball games and later in slot machines, quickly merging into the hotel and gym industry.

Bally’s breakthrough came in the 70s, as it entered the casino business, when gambling became legal in New Jersey’s Atlantic City. So, on 29 December 1979, “Bally’s Park Place” hotel and casino was opened, attracting guests from America, Canada, and the world at large.

Of course, Bally went into the video game industry as well with advanced slot machines. The machine had many useful features such a 256 color range and the ability to play 4 musical sounds, wowing crowds around the world.

Towards the 80s, the gaming industry slowly changed in Canada as society changed with the times, and fans could find video games like Pacman and Space Invaders down the street without going abroad, making the casino industry struggle to keep gamblers interested. Many hotels were added to casino as well to entice travelers from afar to visit; MGM Grand Hotel and Casinos on the Las Vegas Boulevard and Golden Nugget Atlantic City.

The company kept growing and expanding its gambling and slot machines businesses and has gained a proven control in the field of casino games with gamblers coming from around the world, and Canada is no exception.

Bally’s Casino for Canadian gamblers

These days, thanks to changing laws, Canadians have a choice between playing online poker on popular web sites and playing it in a real casino. If a survey would be conducted on the matter the result would probably be unpredictable – on the one hand, many Canadians dream of Vegas everyday and on the other hand, some prefer bringing Vegas all the way to them so they don’t have to travel.

In any case, if you get to Las Vegas or Atlantic City in the future you can enjoy a spectacularly beautiful hotel. The Las Vegas hotel is located between old Vegas and New Vegas on the Las Vegas Boulevard. The hotel is 60 meters (196 feet) tall, covered in neon and has waterfalls pouring from it.

In addition to this, a wide range of restaurants, shops and entertainment can be found there. There is also no reason to leave, since there is a cable-railway connecting Bally’s Casino to the neighboring Paris Casino.

To those players who must have their gambling, the hotel offers a casino floor spanning over 67,000 square meters (220 feet). The casino offers more than 2,000 casino games including: 1,500 slot machines, video poker machines and all of your favourite board games; plus $1,000 machines, 10 non-smoking poker tables and a keno lounge.

However, the online casino web sites are distinguished by offering a non-stop customer service and special incentives to casino guests, expressed by large bonuses, playing any game you desire against people from all over Canada and the world, all in the convenience of your home.